Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jerome's Two Little Boys & His Beautiful Wife

Sebastian, on the left is Caroline's Husband...Michel, his daughter Caroline, & Alain

Jerome and his father Michel, I remember seeing photos of Jerome as a little chubby boy, What a Handsome Gentleman he grew up to be.

The Most Famous Smile in Paris is the Mona Lisa Smile...The most Beautiful Smile is The Smile of Caroline! Her smile lights up a room!! This is the beautiful daughter of my Mother's Cousin Michel & Marie Claude.

"Monsieur Didier Levy " My Mother's Uncle. What an honor it was to meet him. An extremely intelligent man, who recited to me every American the current President Barack Obama .... I have been told by his daughter in law.. his favorite pharse is " Do you Know?" because it seems this genuis does know just about everything! He was a little disappointed that My Mother did not teach me French, but he quickly forgave me when I said " Je t' Amie" I love you, he gave me a beautiful smile! Merci Beaucoup , I will always remember his smile!!

A Place at the table for Colette's Daughter..... After years of believing I would never find a place where I would fit in, I found the perfect place where I knew I truly belonged , here at this table with My Mother's family... from left to write Serge, Michel, Brigitte, Alain, Gisele and me. Next Photo...Thomas plays the piano. 3rd photo Christine, Serge, and Brigette, 4th photo .. Marie Claude, Thomas, and Michelle, 5th photo back row, Thomas , Michel, front row My husband Mark, me, and Gisele. I am blessed with a Wonderful Family!!

A Wonderful Family Dinner at Serge's and Brigitte's Home near Paris. Serge pours the Wine.

Serge, Christine, Alain, & Mark in Versailles

My Mother's Cousin Michel & his Wife Marie - Claude

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are safe and having a Wonderful time in Paris with Our Family!!

Thank-you everyone for your concern and wishes for our safe trip.  We are safe and our French family watches over us very well.   My Mother's Family , all of them are more than we could have hoped for .  They are so Wonderful to us. We have spent each day with them seeing the sites, and eating , and eating , and eating .........I need to ride a bike too!!
  To all of my family and friends , We miss you and look forward to seeing you and sharing our photos, chocolates, and cheese and some surprises too  with you!!  We send you lots of love, & hugs!!
 Our internert connection is not to good here, I will be posting photos in the coming  week when we are in Alsace.
 We  are off to another adventure today, we will be posting more soon.
 L.O. L.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colette's Daughter: Dreaming of Paris..........Dear God Thank-you for answering my prayers.... Please bless my family... my friends... and I send a prayer for Peace on Earth. Amen

dreams really do come true

 God Hears Every Prayer 

Nela Palmer : My Grandma since age 4, Thank-you for being my Grandma, and for being a Great Grandmother to My Children. We are so blessed to be loved by you!

Grandma Palmer  holding Lorie

Colette's Great Granddaughters: Jason's Daughters Alyssa & Victoria

Alyssa & Tori



Colette's Great Granddaughter : Danielle's Daughter : Faith

Faith Christina : Our Christmas Angel   1999

Colette's Great Grandchildren: Angela and her Daughters

Mariah   Angela  Ashley   Cierra    "Cedar Bug"

Colette's Great Grandchildren : Lorie's Children : Jasmine , Serena & Devin

Jazzy  Serena   Devin

To My Children: Lorie , Angela, Danielle, & Jason Sometimes I wonder where the years went, I miss having you all to myself, play time at the park, your laughter , the birthday parties, the holidays , bedtime stories, picnics, flying kites, ...... I guess that is why I have Grandchildren now. My Mother loved all of you so much , You brought her so much Joy ! I hope you find as much love and happiness in your lives as you have blessed my life with! Through you and your children the love that your Grandmother gave us will live on. Soon we will be blessed with even more family , I am making this trip to France not only for me, but for you , your children , your future grandchildren....... the love will live on will the memory of your Grandmother "Colette"

Vintage Paris Locket , Grandmother & Mother " I Keep You Both Close to My Heart Always! A Beautiful Christmas Gift from My Daughter Angela... Thank-you for the Special Gift .. it is coming with me to Paris and I will treasure it always, just like I treasure you!

Thank-you to My Husband "Mark" for Rescuing My Heart and Filling it with Love! Thank-you for Believing in My Dreams, for Seeing what is in My Heart ,& for being My Best Friend. I Love You. " Je t'amie" Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary in Paris!

Our Country Cottage in Paris "Dreams Do Come True to Those Who Believe" Thank-you God for Answering My Prayers & Thank-you to all of the Angels for Your Guidance on this Journey.

Our Beautiful Country Cottage in Paris

Paris Country Cottage "Thank-you Staff " Our Apartment is everything I hoped for and even more!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Gratitude " When I Count My Many Blessings, I Count You Twice..... Thank-you to all of My Friends for all of your Encouragement , Prayers, and Support you have all helped me to believe in My Dream..Soon I will be with my family..I take all of you with me in my heart.. Monday Morning we will arrive in Paris.. Merci Beaucoup Mes Amies !

Angels Watching Over Colette's Daughter .... Thank-you Bev for Designing My Beautiful Banner, and Many Thanks to Paula of CastleandCottage "Etsy" for My Beautiful Sign! Both of these Ladies have been a Blessing!

Once Upon a Time In Paris There lived a Handsome Prince and a Beautiful Princess... Their love still lights up the City .. and light was always in the eyes of their beautiful daughter , "Colette"

Grandfather's Holy Communion

My Mother "Colette" My Beautiful Angel Forever in My Heart

Grandmother's Holy Communion

The Parents of "Colette" " My Grandparents"

Remember Always Hold a Friend With Both Hands

Jean Marius Granier & His Daughter "Colette"

Lucienne Valentine Celine Clediere Granier & Her Daughter "Colette"

The Fashion Show is in Paris this Week!! Look Who Is Modeling Paris Pink!!