Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our OPEN Sign Paris Flower Cart & Honey Comb Wall

How to Find Colette's Daughter..Look for this
                Unique Honey Comb Wall ...our window is hiding behind this wall..like a treasure waiting to be found ..your clue is the Paris Flower Cart with the Paris Pink Eiffel Tower inside.. A Little Paris in Plymouth is waiting for you to discover...remember No Passport Required!

Colette's Daughter " Our Open Sign"

                                               Look for this Cart with the Paris Pink Eiffel Tower inside ....
                                                     This is Our " OPEN SIGN"
                                                  We will park it front of the Honey Comb wall
                                                   when we are open.

My Little Assistant , My Granddaughter & My Friend ..SERENA

Thank-you My Sweet Girl for all of your help , you are my Inspiration!
Serena..an eye for the details!

The Premiere of Colette's Daughter.. "Le Petite Paris Brocante in Plymouth"

Mill Street Festival  July 2011
Let's not forget our pets, they need a Little
                                     PARIS too!!!

We have a Winner for the Paris Gift Box ..Congratulations to Carol Kozminski of Plymouth!!!
                                          Our Little Paris in Plymouth
My Beautiful Granddaughter Serena and I looking over our displays... did we forget anything?

Colette's Daughter opening July 30 in Plymouth WI