Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little bird told me Mom would like Pink Roses for Mother's Day... Biscuits Roses..Imported from France..we have a box for your Special Mother..

               Join us Friday & Saturday May 4 & 5- May 11 & 12 for Our Mother's Day
                Open House. Sample our Biscuits Roses, Chocolate Crepes. Enter Our
             Mother's Day Drawing .. We have many Unique Gift Ideas for your Special Mom!       

            These sweet, fine biscuits from Reims are widely known under their French name "Biscuits Roses" or "Biscuits de Reims". Those typical French pink treats were first a perfect accompaniment for the Champagne wine but French gourmets now enjoy Reims Biscuits with a cup of tea or as an ingredient of the typical "Charlotte" cake.

The Biscuits de Reims are widely appreciated, whether on their own - dunked in Champagne - or to complement other French desserts. This delightful sweet cookie was originally to accompany the local Champagne wine but it was rapidly a great success in terms of confectionery throughout France!

Nevertheless, the original recipe of the famous "Biscuit Rose" is still kept secretly by Fossier's Confectioners who first made it in the late 18th century. Despite basic ingredients (only eggs, sugar and flour, vanilla-flavour) the traditional French recipe requires special expertise and delicacy.
Authentic Biscuit Rose de Reims

             Fossier Biscuit Roses created in 1691..imported from France

Bonne Fete Maman... J t'amie