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Make your Valentine's Day Special with gifts from Colette's Daughter..a little Paris in Plymouth

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The Language of Love...

The Spanish speaking have Dora the Explorer..The French have Pepe la Pew...
Valentine's Day Cards too are said to have originated in France. A young Frenchman, Charles, Duke of Orleans is said to have written the first written Valentine's Day Cards. The Duke who was captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 is said to have written a poem or ‘Valentine' to his wife while imprisonment in the Tower of London.
  Happy Valentine's Day
Je t'amie pour toujours plus un jour.
                 " I love you forever and one day"
The first french words my mother taught me...I know this is true in any language   .. real love has no end



Valentine's Day in France

Valentine's Day in France

Valentine's Day Festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm in France. People take opportunity of the occasion and express love to people close through them. Just as in several other countries people in France exchange Valentine's Day greetings through cards, fresh flowers and gifts of love.

History of Valentine's Day in France
History of Valentine's Day Festival has a strong association with France. It is said that during the Middle Ages, there was a popular belief in France and England that birds began to mate halfway through the second month of the year. For this reason lovers saw the day special and considered it auspicious to exchange love letters and tokens of love on Valentine's Day. During fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, French and English poets and litterateurs too stressed on this idea and created a romantic image of the day in the minds of the people.                                  

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