Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blanchisserie Fran├žaise "French Laundry"

Colette's Daughter believes Laundry & Cleaning should no longer be a chore..with wonderful fragrances like Lavender..Lemon Verbena, White Lilac , and  Herb Blossom..with thyme, corriander, tarragon ...French Laundry...
Laundry Soap
This old fashioned formula is wonderfully fragranced, biodegradable and very effective. You only need 1/8 cup per wash load. This is a low sudsing formula, it is kind to nature, and kind to those with sensitivities to chemicals. Little to no extra packaging or hype.
It cost a little more per load than the big brands, but it is a plain and simple product that we think you will love.

Our customers write daily to tell us this is a practical luxury that they can't live without. Safe and low sudsing for high efficiency and front loader washing machines.

We also have Fabric softner..Dish Soap..All Purpose Cleaner  ..Linen Spray ..Sachets and more...come soon...Special Holiday Fragrances !!
Our liquid laundry softener provides a natural, non-chemical means of softening your clothes. Forget about your clothes smelling like those heavy, synthetic fragrances that most softeners leave behind. Made of natural, plant based ingredients, this non-chemical softener conditions water and brightens fabrics.
As you remove your damp clothes from the wash, you'll really feel like you've done something special.
Around and around the sachet goes, tumbling in the dryer with your damp clothes. What comes out of this tumbling (in addition to the wonderful aroma wafting from your dryer) is clean smelling, lightly fragranced clothes. 
Each sachet is good for 5-6 washes. There are 3 sachets in each bundle. Can be used to freshen drawers, gym bags, any stinky place...
Spritzing this wonderful, light and airy fragrancer around a room will help you get rid of that fish-you-cooked-two-days ago smell that is really getting on your nerves. Or, treat your bedclothes and pillow to a spray before retiring.
Perfect for upholstery, carpets, draperies and
of course, spraying on your clothing before ironing, our linen spray will brighten all things (air or fabric) it comes into contact with. Made of 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals to irritate noses & lungs.
17.6 ounce bottle will mist lots and lots of clothing, ironing, air, pillows.  Four wonderful fragrance to choose from.

Our All Purpose Spray Cleaner is a natural, plant based cleanser that is suitable for windows, countertops, woodwork, bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The effective formula quickly neutralizes grease, fingerprints, and grime, while leaving a wonderful, fresh fragrance behind.
We've provided plenty of spray to last a long time – the bottle holds over 26 ounces, which spritzes a lot of surfaces.  It is a terrific bargain for a green and healthy option to ammonia and chemical based cleansers.

Les Bouteilles a' Paris "Paris Bottles"

Eiffel Towers ...A little Paris for You!

Le Savon...Hand Poured all Natural Moisturizing Shea Butter & Gentle Goat's Milk Soaps

                                                       Lemon Verbena..so refreshing!
                                                     French Flower Market.. a Fragrant Floral Blend
                                                   Miel,  " Honey"...a secret blend of vanilla , camomile, & honey..so comforting.

                                         Colette's Signature Soap "Lavender Fields" made with 100% pure uncut Lavender essential oil from Provence..sure to be a favorite.
 All soaps are made with all natural & moisturizing  shea butter, goats milk,&  essential oils. We make them in small batches with care..always fresh and never any harsh chemicals.

Biscuits, Galettes, Bonbons, & Chocolat

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Sign... a little Paris in Plymouth

                                           Thank-you Joanie from Signs & Designs for my AWESOME sign!
                                             And Thank-you My Dear Sweet Husband for hanging it !!

Beautiful Flowers and a Beautiful Granddaughter

                                       Thank-you Jackie for making our Ribbon Cutting so Special !
                                             Friends, Family, & Flowers What a Wonderful Day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures to share with my French Family ..

     I dedicate my little shop to  My Mother  Colette & My  French family.. to Alain , Anne Elise , William & Maxime with so much gratitude for the invitation to come to France and for Welcoming us into your beautiful  home in Alsace.  Thank-you to Marie Claude , Michel & Family for the Tour of Paris , the Special dinners... we eat with our eyes in Paris,& we laugh with our hearts..so many special memories.
 To Serge , Brigette, & Thomas..Thank-you for the huge family dinner.. our special boat ride on the River Seine you made my dream come true.
 Surrounded by a loving family, I am so lucky and so blessed to call you my family!
  And My little Gisele , like a sister to my mother and a favorite Aunt to me! You have the Spirit of My
  Mother and I think I miss you the most.
  Next time I come to Paris , I want to bring you back with me!!
 We miss all of you so much!  You are always in our Hearts!
  You have all inspired me, renewed my spirit, and filled my heart with your love. Thank-you Michel for reminding me that nothing is impossible...I can have a little Paris in Plymouth and it is enough to share.


We hope to see you soon!!

Our Door...Bienvenue...Welcome to Our little Paris in Plymouth

Our Grand Opening..Coming Soon...August 12 & 13 2011 ! Come in for a Sneak Peek!!